Sunday, October 22, 2017

Spook Time

It was a dark day. Friday the 13th has finally come.

October. Friday the 13th.


yeah its october

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Arnold the Penguin

So time for like a 1 paragraph story

Arnold was a penguin. All he did was eat fish and slide down snow and ice slopes. His older brother and his dad always went to hunt for food, so Arnold didn't have much to do all day. He hangs out with his friends that actually do stuff during the day, but mostly have free time. One day, he encountered a seal. This seal was named Banana. Her family was named after fruit, and the fruit names kept going. Banana watched as Arnold and some other penguins slide down the slope with ease, and then she wanted to do the same. She started to waddle up to the top of the slope.

"Hi penguins! Can I try to slide down the slope? It looks really fun!" Banana was jumping around, ecstatic about the chance in a lifetime. The response she got was a few shrugs. But, Arnold nodded, even smiling. She took that as a yes, and went for a slide. The moment she slid down, she started turning and twisting. She finished the slope, and went for a fish.

The End

i write some great stories am i right

Update on this Blog

Wow, I haven't used this thing in a while.

Anyways, about this blog thing...
I will probably not use it, maybe post a little 1 paragraph story here and there. So if you really want to go see my blog posts, go to my Google Plus page. That'll be much better than this.

Also, go check out my school friend Arca's blog:

He has a much better one than I do

So I guess see you later?

(and also some spoopy font)

Friday, February 24, 2017

School Writing Stuff (im bored)

Beep. Beep. Beep.

The alarm clock shook as Tyler went to slam the off button. It was going to be another, boring day at school. Nothing much. He got up, changed into a white t-shirt and some jeans, and headed towards the bathroom.

The sink had bits of hair in it from his sister. He looked in the mirror, seeing his brown, messy hair with his tired blue eyes. Grabbing his cyan toothbrush, he noticed that his sister's pink hairbrush wasn't on the counter. He knew that she took it everywhere, but it was only 5 in the morning, and she normally wakes up at about 6. He shrugged it off.

Thumping down the wooden stairs, he saw his dad already eating a piece of bread with butter spread across it.

"Hey dad. Do we have anymore chips?" Tyler tiredly said while trying to keep awake. His dad responded with the same, dead voice he normally does in the day.

"I have no idea. Your brother might have ate the last bag or so," he replied. Sighing, Tyler prepared his breakfast, pouring Frosted Flakes and almond milk. Munching on the cereal, he watched as a few of his friends already started walking to school. It was still dark, and they had a pocket flashlight. The light shined on the sidewalk, going back and forth as they were blind.

After all of the cereal was out of the bowl, he rushed to place it into the sink, then grabbed his backpack. The black and white design was pretty generic, and no one really cared about it. Running towards the front door, he said goodbye to his dad, and went off to school.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Saturday, October 15, 2016

read meh

PLEASE. IF YOU DON'T SUGGEST AN IDEA I CAN DO, I LOSE... 10 minutes of my life thinking about writing something...

so help me

Also comment if you want to write!

I'll try to... let you post

Friday, October 7, 2016

Ok, gimme stuff to do.

So hopefully you can read this... but really. I'm dead out of ideas. Please. Give. Me. SOMETHING!! I honestly don't care if you said "write a story about you dying." I'll just write a story about YOU dying... heheheheheh...

why am i doing this